Monday, 7 February 2011

Disney's 50th animation is worth watching

Tangled was great! It drew inspiration from the whole history of Disney fairy tales, keeping a very traditional art direction and story telling.They managed a classic fairy tale that, while not having a very original plot, managed to tell an original story.

Loved the return to a more musical driven film, loved that they weren't afraid to tell a very traditional story, with a traditional ending, and I love that they distinguished themselves from Shrek and Dreamworks, while still keeping faithful to the Disney heritage.
I'm also fond of Disney's continuing path of creating secondary characters with depth, heaps of personality, and flat out lovable. Though, Rapunzel was very fleshed out, and was really created with respect, kudos to Disney for honouring their female lead.

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  1. I completely agree that 'Tangled' was an excellent film and I too enjoyed it a lot. Btw, on another film subject, I went too see 'A Cat in Paris' after I saw your review of it somewhere -- maybe in twitter. Not sure. Anyway, the film was very good (with an English voice cast that made me dish out an A-plus grade. I've never given out A-plus grade for an English dub before! Also, the artwork of 'Cat' reminded me about knowing your light source -- what they've done with it looks gorgeous in the cinema. The film is a dvd keeper for me and I will look forward to their next film.

    Thanks for the reviews and the re-tweets!

    -- Winston Lee Jackson