Monday, 21 February 2011


(20. Febuary 2011, Imported from Facebook)

I made (American) cupcakes recently, that turned out great, which is strange, considering my inability to bake.You see cupcake mix should just be gently stirred to mix the ingredients before baked. The thing is, I did not know this, and spent both batches of cupcakes mixing the batter like a mad woman, before giving up and just using it. (it said it should be lumpy, but I assumed they where talking about the chocolate pieces).

So, this tells me two things:

1. I suck at stirring,

2. This works to my benefit with cupcakes..

I've been using ready made packs from the store, but I found an easy cupcake recipie online, and have decided to try making them from scratch next time (somewhat spurred on by the cupcake mix packages costing around 50kr).

So far I've made chocolate cupcakes with chocolate bits and blueverry cupcakes. Would like to try making more healthy cupcakes with hole grain, but I'm afraid of jinxing it.. Oh, and really want to make redcurrant cupcakes!

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